Operations Update

Firm Overview


March 25, 2020

To our friends, clients, and colleagues:

Of primary importance, we hope that you and your families are and remain safe and healthy. There is no doubt that the unprecedented shutdown of the State of Hawaii due to the spread of COVID-19 is affecting us all in profound and far-reaching ways. To do our part to combat the spread of COVID-19, BLRV has implemented a “work from home” policy and is having its attorneys and staff work remotely as much as possible.

Because our firm has been on a cloud-based system for several years and every attorney is equipped with their own work tablet, our legal professionals have been able to seamlessly transition to working remotely with minimal disruption to the legal services we provide. Therefore, despite the limitations being experienced by most businesses, the entire BLRV team has continued to actively assist our clients over the past few weeks. The firm has attorneys with years of experience in real estate, construction, commercial, and employment law that are available now to help clients navigate these uncertain times. Our clients can rest assured that not only will BLRH continue to be able to meet their legal needs, but will be able to do so in a responsive and timely manner.           

Even though our physical office is closed, our clients can be assured that their confidential information and records shall remain secure. All of BLRV’s communications, financial, and data storage servers are located off-site with state-of-the-art physical and electronic security measures in place. All of those servers have redundant physical and virtual backups at multiple locations both inside and outside the State of Hawaii, so our clients’ information remains confidential and protected at all times.

On March 23, 2020, the Governor of the State of Hawaii issued a proclamation that requires all persons in the State to remain at home or at their place of residence starting at 12:01am on March 25 and lasting until 11:59pm on April 30, 2020. As a provider of professional legal services, BLRV is an Essential Business under the Governor’s proclamation and will continue to operate, primarily under its current “work from home” policy. In addition, BLRV is observing social distancing requirements and is asking anyone that comes to its office to maintain at least six (6) feet of physical separation from others. Hand sanitizer and sanitizing products are available throughout the office for BLRV employees and visitors to use while in the office. As an Essential Business, BLRV will continue to provide professional legal advice and services by telephone and remotely using other technologies, and when necessary by meeting with clients in person.

BLRV can be reached at (808) 523-9000 and calls will be directed to someone who can assist you, or via e-mail at mail@legalhawaii.com. In addition, a listing of our attorneys along with their telephone numbers and email addresses is available at www.legalhawaii.com. BLRV will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate older or high risk clients. Anyone who is 65 or older, or who is considered at higher risk of illness under Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, that would like an appointment with a BLRV attorney may contact the firm to set up a phone or other remote meeting.  If you are not able to speak via phone or other remote means, we will arrange an in-person meeting at a time reasonably convenient for you and that will allow you to reasonably avoid other members of the public as much as possible.

We will continue to closely monitor public announcements, both nationally and locally, about measures to deal with COVID-19 and the impact such measures are expected to have on cases and clients for which we are providing legal services. We have also been maintaining close scrutiny over the actions of our State and Federal Courts to ensure that our client’s interests in pending cases are well protected.

We remain committed to our mission of providing the best legal services possible while also serving and supporting our community. If we can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


                                    The Partners, Attorneys and Staff of Bays Lung Rose Voss