Attorney Craig Wagnild interviewed on Zuckerberg “quiet title” case

Pacific Business News featured an extensive interview with noted real estate transactional law attorney and Bays Lung Rose Holma parter Craig Wagnild in its January 27, 2017 issue.   “Quiet title” refers to the acquisition by developers of small pieces of “kuleana lands” within their larger parcel.

In the article, Wagnild said the issue is not new, but recent actions by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have brought it renewed attention.  “Kuleana lands have been used and misused by both non-Hawaiians and Hawaiians for a long time and the passing of each generation confuses things even more and gives rise to more abuse,” Wagnild said. “This onion has many layers.”

The paper also reported on the track record of Wagnild, who is the former president of the Hawaii State Bar Association, and his team in resolving quiet title cases on behalf of a number of clients.  See full article here

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